Scheibe Consulting, LLC is a full service Civil, Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering Company that provides professional consulting, design, and planning services throughout the State of Texas.  

We believe there is a need for civil engineers to consider the holistic nature of a project, not just the nuts and bolts.  Practically speaking, this means providing our clients and professional colleagues with a project perspective that transcends the various Civil Engineering disciplines in order to better incorporate the Surveying, MEP, Architectural, Landscaping, Construction, and Financing aspects of a project.  Such a perspective helps to provide our clients with an end result that is aesthetic, effective, and affordable.  

Scheibe Consulting strives to push the paradigm of the engineering world that can at times be more focused on selling a service and identifying risks, rather than solving problems and coming up with solutions.  

Feel free to contact us, if you have a project need that you would like to discuss.  

Scheibe Consulting, LLC
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